Exfoliating Body Lotion for Aging and Acne
Exfoliating Body Lotion for Aging and Acne
Exfoliating Body Lotion for Aging and Acne
Exfoliating Body Lotion for Aging and Acne
Dr. Kate Mayes Exfoliating Body Lotion for Aging and Acne

Exfoliating Spray

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I thought acne would leave me alone when I started getting older but NOOO! The wrinkles and age spots just joined in on the fun. So, we searched high and low for products that would treat BOTH acne and signs of aging for the face AND the body. We offer a small collection of potent, affordable multi-taskers to pamper your skin from head to toe. 


Unique Medical Grade formula: This physician-developed exfoliating spray is FDA approved to include higher concentrations of active ingredients without a prescription. You use less & see faster results.

For face & body: From body blemishes on back, shoulder, booty & thighs to fine lines on the face & decolletage, this medicated toner spray goes below the surface to promote cell regeneration & prevent future breakouts, even on those hard to reach places.

Improve current issues and prevent future damage & breakouts: It's mess-free & contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation while soothing your skin & restoring suppleness.

MULTIPLE USES! Want a calming aftershave spray? Need to disinfect your yoga mat, cuts, or scrapes? Set your makeup and leave a radiant glow with the only moisturizing spray guaranteed not to dry your skin.

Please don't put alcohol or acetone or other trash on your precious skin. Other acne sprays dry & sting, and actually cause MORE breakouts and skin damage. Pamper your skin with plant-based moisturizers, probiotics, & vitamins.


Skin Star, MD exfoliating face & body spray contains the strongest active ingredients available without a prescription. Eliminates acne, prevents future breakouts, reduces wrinkles & moisturizes.

Do you suffer from:

Zits & pimples on your face, back, chest, neck, arms, legs, scalp, butt, etc...?

Sun spots, dark spots, brown spots, or scars?

Visible signs of aging such as wrinkles & leathery skin?

Skin Star Exfoliating Spray Can Help

This mess-free / stain-free spray clears face & body acne, minimizes lines & wrinkles, and moisturizes dry, dull skin for a smoother, silkier appearance.

The secret's the medical-grade, doctor-developed formula, which is FDA approved to incorporate significantly higher levels of active ingredients. While it may cost a little more, you use less with each application, so it lasts longer and works faster.

Salicylic acid 2% – to slough off dead skin, unclog & tighten pores, and eliminate excess oil

Lactic acid – an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that reduces acne & visible signs of aging, like dark spots from sun exposure

Papaya enzymes – to gently dissolve those dead, dull outer skin cells

Antioxidants – to fight free radicals & repair aging, damaged skin

Plant-based probiotics, emollients, & vitamins – to soothe & moisturize skin
Exclusive delivery system – to ensure that ingredients penetrate below the surface & target the source of skin issues

100% nontoxic safety, with no alcohol or other chemicals that could dry or harm your skin

Easy to Use Anywhere

Toss it in your bag or car for skin care on the go. One step treatment for a more radiant you, head to toe. Don't forget to apply sunscreen, too!

Get some!



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