Our Story

Skin Star, MD was created by me, a physician, when I couldn't find great products for my own issues. When I started to get serious about taking better care of myself I started exercising for the first time in my life. I began to look and feel better but I had terrible issues with my skin on my body. It was starting to look like I was an old lady and wearing sweaty clothes (yoga pants are terrible for our skin!) gave me ingrown hairs and bumps in places I'd never dreamt of. What's the point of getting a great body if you're too self-conscious to show it off?

All my usual skincare tricks that I used on my face did not work for the bumps on my booty or my ingrown hairs. Bikini line, under arms, and legs, all with red bumps. I am a picker and it was becoming a full time job. 

I developed skin care for the face and the body to keep my skin smooth and young looking. I needed the products to be powerful, in case I forgot to use them every day, and I needed them to be convenient to travel with, especially to the gym. I hate spending my precious time putting on a million different products, so I made them all hard-working multitaskers. They all have antioxidants and moisturizers and tons of pampering botanicals. The active ingredients are medical grade, which is the strongest you can get. 

They are priced reasonably and our customer service is unmatched. 



Kate Mayes, MD


Reach out for anything at all. support@skinstarmd.com

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