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Why Skin Star, MD?

   Like so many of the good things we bring into this world, I created this brand to solve my own problem. I have been researching the science of skin, both as a consumer and as a scientist, for over 30 years. Despite my overflowing bag of skin tricks, I couldn't find products to treat my own skin issues from the neck down. My best weapon for the face comes in a 1.5 ounce tube and costs about $150, so it's not the most economical choice for body skin problems. 

   If you are low maintenance like me and you have no time for layering lotions and potions on your face or body but you want gorgeous, youthful, smooth skin from top-to-bottom, then you'll love this little trio. 

   It's the first ever medical grade skincare line for the face AND the body. Each product is potent, yet pampering, hard-working, yet gentle, and thoughtfully sourced. I'm super proud to offer you this collection of reasonably priced products that will give you the skin you deserve. 

Reach out to us, ask us stuff, tell us what you love, tell us what you need, and maybe we can make your world a teensy bit better.

 ❤︎, Kate


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